Ballina Handball Club Tipperary

Handball, Tipperary, 60x30, Irish Handball,

Féile Na Gael

Féile - Cork - June 17-19

Boys 60x30 Team in Conna on Sat 18th.

Girls 40x20 team in Cappagh on Sat. 18th.


Club team of 4 & 1 substitute: (2 Doubles)

U14 on 1st. of January.

Each pair plays 2 games to 21 (1 point for each win) Toss of a Coin for 1st.Serve.

If a Tie of Points  aggregate aces decides winner. If still equal a play off to 11 aces between any pair decides winner.

Full playing rules in all games.

Club Colours to be worn in all games.

Team in order of play to be handed to referee before each match. (This may be changed for next round)

60x30   -- Challenger 3         40x20 -- Dark Blue


Community Games

Community Games -    County/Munster/All-Ireland Finals


Team of 6 -- 4 Players & 2 substitutes

Singles --- Doubles ---- Singles

U13 Singles --- 2 Games to 11

U13 Doubles -- 3 Games to 11

U13 Singles  -- 2 games to 11

U15 Singles --- 2 games to 15

U15 Doubles -- 3 games to 15

U15 Singles ---  2 games to 15

Gael Linn

Gael Linn 40x20 U13 Mixed Doubles:

For Mixed pairs U13 on 1st. January.

1 Entry per Club

2 teams to go Forward from each province

Girl  V  Girl   10 Minutes

Boy V  Boy   10 Minutes

Pair  V Pair   15 Minutes

Aggregate Scores decides Winners.

If a tie Pair play 1 Doubles game to 11 aces.